COSA offers solutions to (almost) all gas analytical applications.

Innovative Measurement Solutions

COSA Xentaur combines the strength of over 30 years of COSA Instruments sales, service and application support experience with Xentaur Corporations innovative measurement solutions. With cutting edge technology from aggressive internal development and a wide range of partners, COSA Xentaur delivers robust, cost effective instrumentation systems exceeding customer measurement requirements in numerous industries and applications.

Flare Stack / Fuel Gas Optimization

Constant control and optimization of fuel gases to ensure high plant efficiency and yield

Natural Gas Blending / Gas Turbines

Natural gas of varying qualities being blended with LNG of varying quality to give a balanced and consistent calorific output to the customer (gas ratio)

Humidity in Power Plants

Keep your gas moderately dry to prevent stress failure and avoid the formation of lead carbonate.

Moisture Dew Point in Ethylene Feed Gas

Ethylene is a colorless, flammable gas used to produce a number of chemical products. Since the production of ethylene normally requires steam it drives the need to dry the resulting gas steam before introducing it into the downstream processes.

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