Vision, Mission and Values

Our Road to Success.

Our Vision - Innovative Measurement Solutions

COSA follows one goal - the development and manufacturing of innovative, reliable, and accurate solutions to a wide range of analytical and process measurement applications.

COSA Xentaur delivers robust, cost effective instrumentation systems exceeding customer measurement requirements - we create Innovative Measurement Solutions.

Our Mission

In order to pursue our goal of Innovative Measurement Solutions, we defined four main pillars, that drives our daily business: Innovation & High-Tech, Digitalization, Smart Products, and After Sales.


  • Environmentally friendly measuring methods
  • Innovation leader in process water analytics

Smart Products

  • Expansion of networking components
  • Provision of a service backend, which promotes the exchange between customer and LAR


  • Building a technology infrastructure with a focus on the customer experience
  • Digitalization of internal processes

After Sales & Service

  • Wide range of services (on-site and remote)
    Establishing long-term business relationships
  • Customers and partners appreciate us as a powerful partner

Our Values

Our team is the ❤ of our company. From all over the world, whether from a trade fair in America, a customer visit to South Africa, a service visit to China, or at our headquarters in Berlin, our team spends great things every day.
Our international team follows the core values that define who we are, guide our decisions and influence the way we work.
  • Do the right thing even when no one else is watching
  • Act with honesty and be consistent
  • Be self-aware


  • Make and keep commitments
  • Be credible, competent, and transparent with facts
  • Act with courage, candor, and compassion
  • We value our team members and their unique contributions, and we invest in their growth
  • Best team wins:  Insist on winning together with integrity
  • Insist on empowerment.  Be accountable and take ownership and responsibility.  Exercise shared risk
  • It's a way of life rooted deep in our culture.  Focus on removing clutter, complexity, difficulties and the unnecessary from our products, processes, services, and most importantly from our thinking
  • Focus on the essentials that 'move the needle'; that add real value to our business and to our customers
  • We make our products easy to make and use, and of higher quality and reliability.  We make our services customer-friendly.  We make our processes and work life employee-friendly


  • Exercise discipline and focus.  Customers challenge us, and we challenge ourselves, to continuously improve. We set the bar high for ourselves and each other
  • Make a positive impact.  We constantly strive to make things better in a meaningful way — for our company, our customers and the world
  • Build a legacy of greatness.  ​Our drive for continuous improvement keeps us ahead of our competitors, creating enduring value and lasting impact at a global scale
  • Innovation defines our future.  Focus on customer-back innovation and what adds real value to our customers.  We do not innovate in a vacuum
  • Innovation is our ultimate competitive differentiator
  • We improve or safeguard people’s lives by delivering technologies that matter.  By helping our customers achieve amazing things, we enhance quality of life around the world

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